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Rubbermaid X-tra Cart

Rubbermaid product ID: 4091

Combine functionality, economy and style with Rubbermaid Utility Carts.

The sophisticated appearance and contemporary colours complement upscale office environments provides an attractive solution too, for front of house applications in any restaurant.

In industrial and maintenance environments, the ease of manoeuvrability and high capacity means increased productivity.

For health care facilities, these carts provide versatility and efficiency in any application.

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 Rubbermaid X-tra Utillity Cart  Rubbermaid X-tra Trolley

Rubbermaid product ID: 3354-88

Optional black utility bin fits 6180, 6180-88, 3355, 3421, 3424-88, 4091-6 utility carts.

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Rubbermaid Plastic Bin

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