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Motorised Wheelie Bin Trolley

This specially designed trolley features a roll-over bar that assists in levering the bin onto and off the trolley with ease.

The Wheelie Bin Trolley has been designed to transport bins over a distance. With the help of our 24V Dual Wheel MotorDrive, moving the heavy load is as easy as walking.

Our ingenious suspension system allows the drive wheels to float in a vertical and lateral movement. This ensures the drive system has positive contact to the ground at all times over all surfaces.


- Floating 24V Dual MotorDrive with Forward / Reverse & Electromagnetic Braking
- Easy Bin Loading & Removal
- Safety Chain Bin Constraint
- Powder Coat Finish (Colour Options)


- Single, Double & Three Bin Options
- Custom Bag Hooks
- Auxiliary Hook Over Baskets
- Small Storage Space For Bags etc.

Wheelie-Bin Trolley

Custom Six Bin Wheelie-Bin Trolley:
Wheelie-Bin Trolley

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